Who I am

As a trauma psychotherapist, I offer the integration of Compassionate Inquiry (CI), IFS (Internal Family Systems), EMDR and mindfulness practices such as Kundalini yoga in during our sessions. I am also trained in psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy which gives me the skills to support my clients during integration process.
As a BIPOC person who was born in Brazil, and who has being a settler in Canada for over 20 years, I bring into my sessions the teachings received from my ancestors and my experience as an immigrant. That being said, I work from a multicultural compassionate lens, exploring with curiosity the presence of intersectionality in my clients' lives as well as its influences.
As for my self-care I spend time running, cycling, hiking and reading. I also enjoy spending time with my husband, my two stepdaughters and my dog (Benjamin) in the Coast Salish People's land.