November 20, 2015

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"If you do what you love, you'll never work one day in your life"

I always wondered how would be to do what I really love.

I grew up into a Brazilian family with lots of passion and sharing. I learned, since early age, that we need to share, everyone has the right to be free and live with integrity. My dad was an passionate activist and my mom was a loving amazing mom. Together, they taught us, me and my two sisters, how to fight for a better place - a place of love.

When I went to university, I remember my parents saying: "follow your heart. It doesn't matter what you do, we want you to be happy". So I did. With their support, I studied marketing and publicity and had the chance to work with brilliant and talented minds at amazing corporations.

But it wasn't enough. I was feeling restless. Deep inside I knew that I needed to try something different; take some risks.

So in 2002, I moved from Brazil to Vancouver, Canada, and my inward journey started: I was introduced to yoga and meditation; became Kundalini Yoga teacher and meditation teacher; traveled around the world seeking for answers and experiences; got involved with community projects; learned how to play gongs; started growing my own food (who knew) and fell in love with the place that I built within. I fell in love with my meditation practice: my passion, my refuge, my home.

During my meditations I always have my mala. Touching it, reminds me that the present moment is happening right now; takes me back to my intention, my goals - helping me to realign myself with my soul. Keeps myself on track.

I remember meeting a student who had designed her own mala and I became very curious about it. 

That same week, I had my mala broken so I decide to redesign my own too. It was fun. I could combine everything that I love: colours, stones, intention, mantras and meditation. I LOVED it. I loved the process, I loved the vibration, I loved the feeling inside.

So in March of 2015, I decided to open my own business and start designing unique 108 beads malas with awareness and love.

Every day, I sit quietly and allow myself to expand my awareness. I ask for guidance and let my fingers to find a mantra song from my ipod. Then the creativity flows. I design every single mala from scratch. They are one of a kind, unique and carry the highest vibration.

My hope is that your mala becomes your friend. A friend who reminds you about your abilities, your strengths, your intentions, your uniqueness. A friend who quietly allows you to experience your stillness, allows you to realign your mind with your heart.

Yes, I love what I do and I pray that you do too. When you do what you love, everything flows with grace and ease. You open your eyes and see the world in synchronicity with your intention. Coincidences happen all the time. You are intuitive because your mind is following your soul. You become an observer; you trust. You live the truth - you are in the state of Sat Nam.



October 01, 2015

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How to cleanse my mala?

I love rituals. I love to smudge my house with sage, to light candles, burn incenses and have deities statues in every corner of my lovely home. I love mantras, sacred music, singing bowls and gongs. Everything its carries a good vibe, makes me happy.

Rituals remind me how important is to be connect to my roots, my ancestors. Rituals make me feel connect to the magic of being alive. Rituals give me hope, gratitude, devotion. Devotion to something special and mysterious. There is something very powerful behind.

We can not deny that everything is vibrating and everything around us is affecting us: thoughts, actions, words, sounds, environment, waves, everything has a vibration.

So it couldn't be different for your mala. Your mala carries an unique frequency: your vibration, your intention. More you wear your mala more your mala "becomes" you. And remember, we are not alone. We can not forget that our magnetic field meets others fields and we share our frequency.

Based on that, it is important to cleanse your mala once in a while. Your mala can absorb the vibration around you. Gemstones are very well known for their amazing properties.

So to keep your mala "clean" you can have fun doing some rituals:

Full moon: we can place your mala outside on a white and clean piece of cloth and let your mala to receive the full moon vibration. The ideal is to leave your mala overnight.

Smudging: sometimes I do some smudge on my mala with sage. I have a nice shell where I can place my mala inside and give it a good "smoking time" using a feather. I like to do this rituals on Fridays - following the steps of my gramma who used to participate in shamans ritualsin Brazil on Fridays for cleansing and for blessings.Usually I chant mantras and say positive words - perhaps an intention.

Mantras: words carry a high frequency. Chant for 11 minutes and we can feel something different. You can experience the peace with in. I use mantras to cleanse my malas ALWAYS. I love mantras and their meanings. Please check our Mantras page if you would like to choose one.

Gemstones: you can leave your mala among gemstones. People use different stones to cleanse their malas. Some use clear quartz, others rose quartz, agate and malachite. Please check Gemstone page and choose the stone its speaks to you.

Gong bath: I am LOVE gongs. I have been playing them for awhile and I do believe in the power of their vibration. I always lay my malas around the gong when I am playing it. I do believe that gong's vibration can change and transmute the frequency of the malas. Every single Divine Thread Malas receives a gong bath after been designed.

So choose your ritual and believe in it. Small actions and intentions can change the vibration around you. You are powerful. Connect to your divine and let the vibration of the Universe to flow through you.